During my high school years I used to wax my back with duck tape and I had no idea the hair would get thicker. About two years ago I had the laser hair removal done on my back, but after the first session I stopped going. I had skin burns that did not go away for about 15 months, though I’m starting to see good results in the past couple of months. At the end of the day when I take my white under shirt off I see some dead hair. What is it about the white under shirt that attracts the hair.

Interesting home waxing method!

Sorry to hear about your laser problems. Bad practitioners mean bad results.

We each shed hairs every day. You probably notice them more on a white shirt than on dark ones. If you lean over a white counter and rub your scalp, you’ll see a few hairs shed. If you do the same thing standing on a white floor or in a dry tub and rub your back for a while, you’ll see some hairs fall out.

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