During my high school years I used to wax my back with duck tape and I had no idea the hair would get thicker. About two years ago I had the laser hair removal done on my back, but after the first session I stopped going. I had skin burns that did not go away for about 15 months, though I’m starting to see good results in the past couple of months. At the end of the day when I take my white under shirt off I see some dead hair. What is it about the white under shirt that attracts the hair.

I knew Gaffa tape was holding the universe together… but had no idea that people are using it for waxing strips… could be a new product… just roll out the disposable tape and rub it on, rip it off… no messy wax, no cloth strips, no hygiene issue… just disposable tape… with in-built moisturiser no less… LOL

As for the hairs being stuck to you clothes, it is probably the weave of the material that grabs them and if they are dead, it would pull them out… with friction, or with them the getting entwined in the fabric strands…

I think you have stumbled upon two new ideas… A waxing-tape, and a wearable epilator… LOL


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