laser vs electrolysis pcos

Hi everyone,

I am 21 year old and live in Birmingham UK. At the age of 14 I started growing hair everywhere …literally EVURYYYWERE lol

fast forward. 6 years after battling severe depression, no body confidence i have had enough. I had laser on my face when i was 17 and it made it worse. now that i am 21 i’ve paid for full body laser hair removal and to my surprise it’s working on my body pretty well. I have also had 11 hours of electrolysis on my lovely beard. M y electrologist is quite surprised with the results. But deep down it’s breaking me, it’s tearing me apart. I have the entire PCOS package. But the hardest is hirsutism and hair loss. Every day I feel like i’m losing myself a bit more.

I think electrolysis is helping cause i can bleach my hairs but i go in every week and get treated on my face and sides and hair grows really fast now i understand that electrolysis takes ages and i am fine with that. But i want to know whether i should give laser another go? I have paid for it and it’s included in my package i just hate how i have to wake up to a male beard every morning shave shave and shave.

What would you recommend?

I have spoken to Marie Hawkes from Scotland and want to go there at the end of May to get my face and chest treated. I am so confused.

treatments I have had so far.
1st 1 hour electrolysis appointment 19th of December 3pm £42
2nd 1 hour electrolysis treatment 24th 3pm December £42
3rd 1 hour electrolysis treatment 3rd of January 1, 2015 £42
4th 1 and 45 min hour electrolysis treatment 10th of January 2pm £73
5th 30 min electrolysis £25
6th 31st of January 1 hour electrolysis £50
7th 6th of February one hour £50
8th 14th of February 1 hour £50
9th 24th of February 1 hour £50
10th 3rd of March 1 hour £50
11th 10th of March 1 hour £50

Laser is cynosure elite pulsed laser.

What would you do I can include pictures but don’t know how to. I will try to figure it out.

hi are you doing electrolysis as well???and if so what are your skin reactions???

Hey Yes i am and not very nice i am currently hating my skin but this could be due to my diet too.