Laser vs. Chemotherapy


I’m tired of shaving my head and I want all of my hair to fall out.

I’d consider laser hair removal, but in my comic books, people who are shot in the head by a laser usually don’t fare too well.

Chemo is another good option.

Any advice for a guy who wants to be completely hairless?

Thanks for your time.


Chemo?? surely you must be kidding??? :fearful:

My mom went thru chemo and I have to tell you, it does HORRIBLE things to your body. I think it is even worse then cancer, she was SO sick and weak after each treatment…

Not ALL chemo makes you go bald, it depends on each person. She went thru one round where she went bald, the next time, about a year later, she didnt go bald, depends on the drug they use on you. If you dont have cancer, I’d highly doubt you’ll be able to get chemo because of how harsh it is on the body (I’m not expert though so who knows…)

If you do lose hair, it WONT be permanent, it DOES grow back, like very fine baby hair at first. Also be prepared for your hair to “change” when it grows back… My mom had super straight hair before chemo, when it all grew back the color of it had changed and it was VERY curly!!!

After seeing what chemo has done to my mom and other people, NO WAY would I use it to be bald…Its not worth the horrendous side effects…

I think maybe you should stay away from those comic books… :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the warning. I no longer want chemo.

And I’m still not too keen on the idea of being shot in the head with a laser.

I wish there were a pill I could pop that would cause all of my hair to fall out.

If anyone has such a pill, please send it to me. Thanks.


We all want that pill… :grin:



Bosh, the lasers in comic books and James Bond flicks are very different than the kind used to remove hair. Still removing all the hair on your head with laser would be quite an undertaking (and expensive!).

The side effects of chemotherapy would greatly outweight the benefits of the temporary hair loss. Chemo is designed to disrupt cell activity in rapidly dividing cells. because hair growth cells and tumors are both rapidly dividing, chemo can sometimes shock hair growth as well and cause programmed cell death or apoptosis. Problem is, you will probably get very, very sick from chemo. That’s why it’s only done if you’re facing a life-threatening illness.

The trick with a pill to lose all your hair is that many people don’t want to lose all their hair. Most people would like a product that left head hair alone but removed much of their body hair. Creating a pill that made that distinction would make someone very rich, but it’s easier said than done!