Laser Types? need info!!

Has anybody had hair removed with the Palomar E2000 sapphire-tipped contact-cooling technology? here is a link to my doctors site Santa Rosa Laser Clinic I just had my lower body done I have sever skin bumps from hairs trying to come out I think it worked good. There are also many red dots from I guess where hairs were? I only had a bad sunburn and a little swelling for the first 5 hours after the procedure. There was pain just a real stong pinching feeling when the laser fired it felt like it was hitting the bone over some areas WOW. Then the leg was real hot. They had it on a setting of 8 which they said was equivilent to 45-50 on a diode laser? Its only been 1 day after the treatment I am hopefull that all hair will come out. If anyone has more info on this laser let me know.