laser type question

What is the difference between a Gentle yag and a gentlelase?

I am a type III with coarse black chest hair. I know gentlelase is the best laser suited for my type but is a gentle yag the next best one for my skin type? Or is the gentle in the yag just throwing me off

GentleLASE is better on skin type 3, it can target more hair types, coarse and finer and goes deeper. GentleYAG is more for people with darker skin types. It’s more of a “safe” type laser since it only targets much coarser hair, and is better on darker skin where the GentleLASE would have trouble telling the difference between skin and hair. If you’re skin type 3 the GentleLASE is much better, it will go deeper and target more hair. You’d only want GentleYAG if you were darker than 3.

Please read the FAQs at the link below which explains all types of lasers and the differences.