laser treatment side effects


It has been a 5 days since I had laser treatment on my chin and bikini line. The skin on my chin is doing well but I have large red areas on my bikini line. I am fair-skinned with dark hair. The red areas seem to be around each follicle. I don’t remember the technician mentioning this and the business is closed for the next three days. Does this sound familiar? Could this be a razer bump? They are not tender, just a bit itchy. I hope this doesn’t mean that the hairs are all ingrown? Any ideas/suggestions? I haven’t really noticed much of the hair disappearing from the area which was lasered. I now realize I didn’t really get enough info from the tech. - my fault.


The redness indicated localized damage (which is a good thing), or possibly irritation. I’d keep the area clean and use something soothing on it like aloe gel. It may take time for the hairs to fall out.

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