Laser treatment on moles or freckles?

Small dark moles run in my family and i have a few on my back that have a couple hairs that grow from them.

moles are generally very sensitive and can turn colors or become infected if scratched.

so, my question is obvious…can the laser harm the mole?

If one lases over pigmented moles, then a potential marker is removed that could indicate that you are having a problem with the mole. If a mole is not covered, the energy from the laser will cause the mole to crust over and scab. As it heals, the mole could become lighter or even colorless. If there is any problem beneath the skin, you will have erased evidence. That’s why it is imperative to have a physician exam your skin thoroughly before having laser. If she sees anything suspicious, a biopsy should be performed to rule out if the mole is cancerous or benign. If a benign mole is lased, they usually shrink and become lighter.

A mole can be covered with white-out or a red felt marker for protection against the laser’s energy,also.