Laser Treatment on Back 3 Weeks Apart???

I am undergoing treatments on Lighsheer Diode on my back and shoulders.
My last treatment was fine, but the practitioner missed like 40% of the area covered. It’s obvious because what’s left are shaved parts that are growing and did not get lasered. She clearly is not that great and the office understands this. So they are offering to do the entire area again for free, and my appointment is 3 weeks after the last one.

Is this a short amount of time? They’re obviously going to laser the parts that were already lasered just 3 weeks ago -any harm in doing this? I really want a period of clear skin, but don’t ant to throw the whole hair growth cycle out of balance.

Did you read the other thread about someone who had a touch-up three weeks after their treatment? Your hair is constantly in different growth cycles so I wouldn’t worry about it throwing your growth cycle off, but I don’t know if it is safe. I don’t think it would cause a problem.