Laser time frame, and progress

Few questions: First some background. I had a test patch done on my bikini, and it worked fine. So, have received 2 treatments so far. First question: how much progress should I see after each treatment? The first six weeks, its pretty smooth, and then about then 6 weeks in, the regrowth starts. If each treatment zaps about 30 percent, and each cycle is 6 weeks, seems that it might take about 3 treatments to start to notice the reduced regrowth. Does this sound right? My test patch is almost smooth, and in reality, that spot has been treated 3 times. I wonder if I can expect the rest of my areas to look more like the test patch after one more treatment.

Another question: How regular does the treatment schedule have to be? My 6 week apt was 2 weeks ago, and my tech canceled at the last minute, and she hasnet called back my many calls in two weeks. Is this going to throw my treatment schedule off? I am now thinking of going somewhere else now, but I am worried about throwing off the schedule, and getting the most of each treatment. ANy thoughts?

Thanks for any response, since I am inbetween my treatments, and am considering trying another tech. My tech is very nice, and im very comfortable, but this chick is a flake. She never calls back, and always has had to reschedule all apts so far. So because of this, I am starting to doubt her.