laser then electro

hello…my first post on this forum…

im skin type 4, male and want to treat my upper arms (1.5 inches above elbow, shoulders and only the upper back…i’m very skeptical about laser as i’ve read mnay unsuccessful stories. I went for a consult where my sis had electrolyis with very good results. This place also has a lightsheer diode laser. The owner of the business does the treatments…i told her about my concerns about success of laser and told her that i’d perfer electroylis and she told me about the time commitment needed to see good resluts.

She told me that its a good idea to do the upper arms and shoulders on both sides with a laser treatment and when the hairs start growing back to do electroylis so that way she could get the a lot of hairs permanantly cleared in the first sitting.

Does anyone think that this is a valid idea? I should have asked the tech, but she said 4 hours using thermolyis would get my first clearence on the upper arms/shoulders x 2…approx 40 hairs/sq. inch…hard to say…


If you haven’t removed the hairs recently then there’s some merit in maybe waxing the area. When the hairs regrow they are (initially) smaller and finer, so are easier to treat. However, it’s a small advantage and won’t make a big difference. If you’re going to have electrolysis anyway then you might as well start straight away.

those areas are the hardest to treat with laser. i would go straight with electrolysis in your case as you are also a type IV skin. some men also report increased hair growth on that area at first with laser. i wouldn’t risk it.