Laser, the light at the end of the tunnel?

Since starting laser treatment I can’t believe I used to put my skin through so much! I would spend hours plucking and picking at my face, the end result was brusing, swelling and infected skin :frowning: .

I had stopped going out with my friends during daylight hours as I just felt too self-concious. I would plaster concealer on and avoid looking in mirrors as the brusing and uneven skin would allways show.

Now after my 3rd treatment I have a lot of my self confidence back. The hair has not yet completley gone, but it is much sparser and in general finer.
My skin has improved so much that I can now go without makeup :grin:

I must sound like a television commercial, but this has changed my life. The only problem is that I now want EVERYWHERE done!
But one step at a time… at least I can have a conversation with someone and not be constantly thinking that they are staring at my hairy chin!
Treatment is realy worth saving for.
Love the site…It’s good to share :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome, lmst, and thaks for the great post! Plucking is such a common method, but as you know, it’s easy to damage your skin if you aren’t careful. Unfortunately, it’s easy to damage your skin with all kinds of hair removal methods, so it’s important to choose a method and practitioner carefully.

Can you tell us a little more about your treatment, such as the type of laser used, costs, and number of treatments? I think a lot of women who pluck would find that information helpful. :relaxed: