Laser Technician says that hairs on neck and upper cheeks cannot be removed because there are "double folliciles". True or BS?


Went for a consultation and this laser technician tells me that because I’m an East Indian male I have “double follicles” on my upper cheeks and neck hairs which cannot be removed through laser treatment. She said that treating these areas with laser will cause more hairs to appear, thereby being counterproductive.

Is this true or bullshit? If its true, can electrolysis be an option for me? Thanks in advance.


I have never heard such a thing, though I am not a laser expert.
I have heard however ( and have personal knowledge) of people of east indian descent experiencing significant paradoxal laser hair growth. The olive complexion of the skin seems to be very susceptable to this type of growth after laser treatment.


Yes, it’s bullshit, and there’s no reason laser would have difficulty with “double follicles” should they exist. However, by a stroke of luck, she happpened to steer you on the right path.

Many men find that laser is unable to deliver the reduction they would expect. Those who do attain a high level of reduction are often unhappy with patchiness. Many South Asian people also report that their hair growth appears to be worse after having done laser.

Laser is only really suitable on a limited group of people.


Yeah I’m in the patchiness phase it seems. I have attained about 70% reduction in hair. I used to have very thick hair on my face but now all the hairs (expect for the ones on the upper lip and chin) have thinned out.

I am thinking of switching to electrolysis.


Hmm… maybe electrolysis will be a better option for me.


It seems as though, with 70% reduction, you’ve had a positive experience with laser. This is about as good as you can hope for. Just be aware that the level of reduction may change either due to new hair growth or hair growing back in that was not permanently removed.

If your goal is complete hair removal on your face, then electrolysis will absolutely be necessary. It’s not as daunting as it may seem. Let us know how you go finding an electrologist.


Our experience in India is that 80% of our customers are “laser victims”.
The word PERMANENT before Reduction is very misleading. The base line for laser is Permanent Reduction. When it is only reducing the hair growth with laser where is the permanency?
The Indian market requires education on Electrolysis.
And further in India laser is practiced by doctors mainly Dermatologist, people take the doctors’ word at the face value.
Being distributor of Apilus Electrolysis machines in India we notice that there is an increase in inquiry for Electrolysis machines from Dermatologists.
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