laser=sunburn=aging (?)

ive read on various sites,(having to do with lhr) that when one receives lhr,the effect on skin is like that of a sunburn.
then i read about the causes of aging. one major cause of aging is the sun. burns from the sun rays boost the aging process. sunlight rays penetrate the skins surface and physically destroy tissues of skin, which leads to wrinkling a.k.a skin damage/aging.
so does it seem apparent that if the sunlight rays cause aging, then most likely a laser is as well? this simple fact seems logical to me, although of course it is my opinion.
someone argue with me please, this is depressing. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

I just recently posted in another post ‘scary finding’ asking this question to James. He related it to sunburn. From my understanding laser is not at the same wavelength it is not uv rays. Now, offcourse if your going to do something repeatedly to your skin where it is somewhat ‘hurt’…eventually you would expect to there to be some negative outcomes. I.e you stay out in the sun too much you get cancer…if you go out in moderation it is fine or burn your skin repeatedly with fire…well your skin is going to end up damaged…you repeatedly pierce your body…your skin is going to sag… etc etc.

So, I personally and in my situation its fine I don’t need a bundle of treatments. I would be using laser in moderation.