Laser sucked but will electrolysis too?

So I posted in the laser forum that I had 4 treatments with the Lightsheer Duet on my back and shoulders and all the hair has grown back. Not only that, but the hair on my upper arms actually got thicker. Someone said I should try electrolysis but maybe I am a bad candidate, maybe I’ll be wasting my time with electrolysis too? How do I know? I don’t want to waste any more money.

Sarcastic response: Yes

Serious response: No

Real response: It depends. I think electrolysis works a lot better than laser machines, although on denser areas laser is far more cost efficient (in my book). There really is no ‘bad candidate’ …. chalk that up to laser for the terminology. It really depends on the operator and how willing you are to have the hair removed.

If executed properly, electrolysis never “fails,” and I mean in every case … absolutely. However, the emphasis is on “properly.” Save yourself a lot of grief and have a “test spot” done and follow the recommendations established here on Hairtell for such a test.

Do not jump into another treatment situation and throw money at it. Take your time and have complete certitude as to what the therapist can accomplish. From this, you will be able to compute TTT and costs. Be deliberate and thoughtful and make the discovery yourself.

No one is a bad candidate for electrolysis. It works, but one needs to go into electrolysis with an attitude of patience, centered around understanding how hair grows. Understanding the hair growth cycles, with the yinging and yanging of growth and shedding cycles, increases the clients adherence to the process in order to reach the end goal.

Patience and Understanding are the key words.

*I put this post on the laser hair stimulation thread, but will say that four treatments are not enough to know if laser will work for you. What is the color and structure of your hairs now?

I truly believe that E is a very effecient method of hair removal BUT you must find someone who is skilled which i have found VERY difficult and thus at this point must say that i have had more success overall with what I have had done with laser than my overall results today with E.