Laser situation

I have researched different lasers and clinics in my area (Toronto). I have a few options. #1 I can go to a place where my friend’s aunt is the tech, but they use the epitouch alex. I have been told that this laser does not have clearence for permanent hair reduction and probable will never get it because of the small spot size. Is it still possible to get permanent results with this laser or should I look elsewhere and find a cilnic with a laser that is cleared for permanent hair reduction? I trust my friend’s aunt as a tech, but I dont know if the results will be permanent with this laser and she wont guarentee anything either.
Ps. I am a white male, age 24, type I or II skin, and I want to treat my shoulders and back.

Spot size corresponds with the depth a laser can treat. It also makes a difference in speed of treatment.

I’d do a little more comparison shopping and see what you think.