laser - should you quit while you're ahead?

Hi guys,

Just a quick one really. I’ve had three out of a course of six laser treatments so far on my underarms. The results are good (to be expected since the hair was dark and coarse), and now although there is still some hair left, it’s very fine and wispy.

The question is should I continue with the last three treatments now that the hair there is so fine? I’ve had some horrible experiences with laser on my body encouraging hair growth because I treated hair that was too fine… I don’t want to reverse the good effects I’ve now achieved on my underarms!

Any and all tips welcome.


how much time has passed since your last treatment? I find it hard to believe you’re this far after only 3 treatments.

Hi Tealight,

I have the same question as Johnson.

In any case, wait at least 12 weeks before you decide if you need another treatment or not. It’s not too late to have a treatment at that stage.

If the hair, or most of it, is still fine and wispy, don’t bother with another treatment. I think it’s highly unlikely that you will experience induced growth on the underarms but unless the hair is coarse, it won’t respond to further Laser.

When I stopped my underarm treatments and waited a sufficient amount of time to judge what was left. I’d say I still had about 20% hair remaining which was a mix of fine and medium-coarse. I had already had six treatments but even thought there was still hair that would respond it made more sense to finish up with electrolysis that would be able to remove every remaining hair, not just the coarse ones.

I haven’t had a regular schedule of underarm work, just random clearances. The last one being with Josefa in September. But even then, I’m practically hair free. Just a few random ones that I don’t think were present when I was with Josefa.

I admit I only had the last one about five weeks ago, but I remember it being similarly quick with my bikini line (which I finished ages ago) - there was pretty much nothing left long before the sixth treatment

The reason I think this might be it is because the wispy hairs are long-ish - as if they’ve done all they’re going to do - and it doesn’t really look like there are coarse ones coming through.

But you’re right, there’s no harm in waiting a good while longer to see what happens. A therapist at the place I go to once said if I miss the recommended window between treatments by more than a week I’m literally wasting my time because of hair growth cycles, but I’m cynical about these people now as they’ve misinformed me massively before.

Good to hear, Stoppit, that you think induced growth unlikely in any event. Thanks for that!

Lol, I would have thought by now you would know that they don’t know what they are talking about.

I’m no expert on hair growth and cycles but most techs certainly don’t understand them. They only know what they have been taught, which is that clients must come back at a 6-8 week interval and they should emphasise the importance of this to them. It’s probably got more to do with their cash flow projections rather than treatment.

The treatment spacing recommend on here is pretty much optimal. As long as the hairs are in anagen, they can be effected. And anagen lasts longer than one week. Later anagen, when the hairs are thicker, is even better, which means waiting even longer.