Laser sheer/diode vs. alexandrite


Any feedback regarding the advantages of Laser sheer over alexandrite/candela laser? I was told with the alexandrite I would need to go every 2 weeks, and with the laser sheer every 4-6 weeks.

Why the big difference? Is one more effective than the other one? I am very concerned with post treatment scarring or other symptoms. Help!!



LightSheer is a diode laser, and GentleLASE is an alexandrite. Both are considered to be pretty good. Some claim that diode is more effective, but some consumers and practitioners suggest there may be a higher incidence of side effects from a diode. That means you need to get a really experienced practitioner.

Alexandrites have a longer and better track record, but if you talk it over with your physician (especially the side effect issue), you should be OK with either one.


I have had less side effects with the diode laser than with the alexandrite. Both lasers have produced good results but I believe the Lightsheer has worked better for me. I have had less redness and scabbing with the Lightsheer at 45 Joules than with the Apogee at 40 Joules.

The cooling system with the Lightsheer has been more effective. If the technician uses compression the treatment will be more effective and there will be fewer side effects.



The time intervals between treatments is longer with the Lightsheer because it is more powerful and penetrates deeper into the hair follicle.

My practitoner says that coming back any sooner than 4 weeks for the same area, even with the alex is a waste of time because you don’t have a chance to see how much hair has grown back.



I have had several treatments with the Light Sheer Diode laser on my chin, neck, jawline, and underarms. I have fair skin and hairs that range from medium to dark. After each treatment, my skin is a bit red and I apply an ice pack. After a few minutes, the tenderness goes away, and the redness is gone within an hour. Totally back to normal within a day. I’ve never had an adverse reaction to the Light Sheer Diode Laser.

Don’t have any experience with the other laser you mentioned, though. At my practitioner’s office, the claim is made that the Light Sheer is the only FDA approved method for permanant laser hair reduction. I don’t know what that claim is worth.


Also should mention that the Light Sheer Diode Laser has been very effective for me. After my first treatment, I’d estimate my hair regrowth to be less than 5-10% on both areas I had treated. After two treatments on chin/neck/jawline, I went from at least 200 thick dark “beard” like hairs (pre-laser treatment) to about 4 per treatment. I only had to have two full treatments and I’ve had two “touch-up” treatments to take care of a total of 8-9 hairs.

On my underarms, after one treatment all the dark hairs are gone, and after 6 weeks none have grown back. What has grown back are lighter hairs, which I just had treated today. Basically I haven’t looked like I needed a shave since my first treatment. I shaved maybe twice during the six week interval between treatments 1 and 2 and that was almost overdoing it. Pretty good stuff.


Thanks for the report, ks!

Many have had acceptable results from LightSheer diodes.

Your practitioner’s claims that it’s the only laser cleared for permaent hair reduction are untrue. Many types of lasers and a couple of flashlamps have gotten the same clearance.

Please keep us posted on your results!

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I am an electrologist working in Spain and have been looking into buying a hair removal laser, but am having tremendous difficulties finding good independent studies and advice on the various different types of laser. Hair-facts/Hairtell is by far the best source of info so far, by the way! Andrea, what would you say is the Alexandrite laser with the best results so far? I was considering an Alexandrite as in this country I would be treating alot of Mediterranean skin types, and I wasn’t sure if a diode laser would be safe for this purpose…And would you say that the Lightsheer appears to be the best of the diodes? I realise these are difficult questions, but I need a little guidance here…