Laser scar

I was one of the unfortunate persons to be scarred by lasers on my face. Now I’m wondering what do I do about it? Is there anything I can do to remove the red marks on my face?

henry, sorry to hear about the scarring. How long ago did this happen?

There are several things you can do to minimze discoloration, but they depend on how long ago you were treated.

Also, have you spoken with the practitioner or a dermatologist about the scars?

I had it done about a little over a year ago. The dermatoligist said I have rosacea. He really wants to get rid of me. What can I do?

Sounds like you’ve tried to get your doctor to help, without much luck.

You can get a second opinion, someone who might be more sympathetic.

If it’s discoloration, you may be able to get corrective procedures done or use lighteners to minimize the appearance.

If you have visible scars, you can speak with a lawyer, who might be able to get the doctor’s attention and help you resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

You can also report the doctor to your state’s board, so there’s a record.

Finally, you can post the details here, and as long as you tell the truth, your doctor can’t do anything about it.