Laser Removal

I am a woman with course facial hair. My chin is particularly bad. The problem stems from years of tweezing, which, by the way I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who doesn’t want more, thicker, courser hair! I have been having laser removal, (5 treatments) and it has not been particularly helpful, although I am light skinned with dark hair. I was told my hair was totally treatable. Too bad I didn’t stumble upon this site earlier.
Anyway, I don’t remember the type of laser, I’ll ask at my appt. today. What type of laser works best on this type of hair? Does anyone have any other suggestions for a woman in my place? I am tired of the jokes and nasty comments. It injures my self-esteem, know what I mean? In anycase, now that I found this site I’ll try to help with my past experiences as well. Thanks!