Laser removal recommendation for Phoenix, Arizona

Hi all, I’ve lurked here on and off over the past few years and am trying to figure out the best way to remove unwanted hair from my bikini line. I finally have a little extra money and will be going to Hawaii in 20 days and don’t want to have to deal with shaving every day. I found this website, Laser for Less that very helpfully tells you exactly what price they’ll do for what area of the body, but I really would like more opinions before I commit as I only was able to find two reviews for it, both of which were good. Has anyone here gone to this place or if there is a better place, could you tell me how much you paid for a first session and how effective they were? Thank you,


Hello Lectrice,

The good thing about this place is that they use the lasers everybody here recommends- lasers with 18mm spot sizes, and you have two wavelengths available- 1064nm, and 755nm.

If you would like opinions outside of that particular clinic with regard to how effective treatment will be, find a spot on your body where the hair most looks like your bikini area (probably an armpit) and post a picture. Or a close up of the skin near your bikini line showing just the skin and hair… or at least give us some background on your skin color, ethnic background, eye color (yes- this should be considered in determining skin type), hair color, thickness of hair, etc.

Once you know what you should expect, then you will know how to judge the clinic (or practitioner) for yourself.

I would point out that their website says those using Yag may need 8-10 treatments. This doesn’t seem like a very prudent statement, so I would question the efficacy of their lasers- ask for proof of when they were last tested for output accuracy. Yag lasers should NOT result in more treatments than Alex lasers, especially not with an 18mm spot size.

Thanks for getting back to me! Ok, my ancestry ranges all across northern Europe, being mostly German but with French, British, Polish and Lithuanian blood also. Nothing further south than France as far as I know. I probably get all the dark hairs from my mom’s Polish-Lithuanian (and German also) side since her family is dark haired. I have blue eyes and brownish-red hair (on my head) and my skin type takes after my dad (he’s the one who is British/German/French) and we tan very easily. But if I stay out of the sun, I can be pale, but not as pale as my mom is. I’m not sure what skin type that’ll make me.

I’ll post a pic of my armpit, which is as dark and coarse as my bikini line (Semi-yay, since that’ll make it easier for the laser to get them I hope!) tomorrow when enough hair has grown in. They grow really really fast, which sucks because it’s only me, my mom (dark hair, fair skin) and sister (light hair, skin type falls between me and my mom) don’t have this problem! I should shave the shaveable areas every other day but don’t bother since it’s irritating but that becomes a major problem in the summer…

Thanks again!

I’m going to their Scottsdale location for the first time next week. They have plenty of great reviews on Yelp… I went to the Chandler location a while ago but I didn’t feel confident with their technicians. But that was my personal experience (it was just a consult) Wish me luck!