Laser removal at home -- Is this Epila thing a scam?

Hello All,

I saw this Epila thing, claiming to be the equivalent of laser removal, but do-it-yourself at home ( Of course I was skeptical, but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything/positive feedback/any news/etc??? Has anyone used it? If it can deliver what it promises (big if…) it is exactly what I want. I haven’t let myself be scammed yet and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m a student so I don’t have money for real laser removal or electrolysis, and even if this thing doesn’t work perfectly, that would be alright. Even if I have to keep using it every few weeks, that would be okay. I saw it on Hair Facts, so I thought I would ask first. Is it just doubtful, or can anyone confirm it’s a scam? If doubtful, I might give it a try anyway, who knows, I could get it on eBay for under $100, and I don’t really have any other options. I have very dark hair and light skin, so I guess I’m a good candidate, but maybe that’s only for the real thing. Please pass along any and all info if you know even the tiniest detail about it.


type in “epila” in the search box here and on other forums. you’ll find plenty of reviews (bad ones mostly)