Laser Referral for Bay Area N. CA?

Greetings - I’m a pale (with freckles) type 2 with brown hair and would like to try laser hair removal over several areas if it seems to work well - probably starting with bikini (my sensitive skin there hates razors and most depilatory creams).

I’ve heard two positive reviews for Lumity Med Spa (one in general and one for the one in San Jose, CA), but the one in NewPark Mall (Newark/Fremont) would be more convenient for me. I’ve heard experiences can vary from site to site in chains.

Apparently they (San Jose one at least) use the Apogee Elite (by Cynosure) which is a Yag & Alexandrite laser combo. I haven’t spoken to them yet, personally.

From the research I’ve started, it seems like Alexandrite systems might be best for me. Gentlelase and Epitouch seem to be popular.

Has anyone any experience of Lumity (used to be Pure Med Spa)?

Has anyone any other referrals for the Bay Area?

I would be very grateful for your help avoiding big costs with small results!

Thanks and kind regards…

I just want to second this request for information. I’m in the same area and ALSO looking for a Quality Laser Practitioner (although In my case I’d want someone using pure Yag)


please sure the search feature. a bunch have been discussed lately. search for either san francisco of bay area.