Laser Recommendation near Boston, MA

I don’t post much here (or at all, I forget), but I have read extensively.

I started having my facial hair removed this past April. I had a very thick, mostly dark beard (think Homer Simpson). I am a transgendered woman but I will not be taking any type of hormone therapy, so all of my body hair removal will be with either laser or electrolysis. As I am planning a social transition, complete removal of my facial hair is very important to me.

I have been amazed at the progress I have made in six months. I have had six treatments (counting even the very minor touch-ups) and am nearly bare (except for white hairs). My laser practitioner has been exceptional. Her name is Francine Capuzzo, and she has been doing hair removal for many years. Francine is an RN and did electrolysis for years before switching to laser (though she still offers electrolysis at her office). I went on several consultations before I started my hair removal, and I knew as soon as I met Francine that I had found my “laser lady.” She is friendly and very experienced (she has worked with many other transgendered clients).

I can not recommend Francine highly enough. She has recently opened a new office in Woburn, which is about ten minutes North of Boston. Her website is:
Advanced Electrology and Laser

I can’t imagine finding anyone better in the Boston area to help with hair removal needs.