Laser Questions

Okay, so I’ve wanted to try laser hair removal for quite a while, and I am finally ready to set up some consultations. This website has been very helpful, but I still have a few technical questions about types of lasers. I have narrowed it down to three places I might go to get the procedure done. They all three use a different laser. Could someone please tell me what they know about the differences and what would you suggest I use.

I am a female, pretty fair skin wanting to do the bikini area (not sure about brazilian yet) and maybe the underarms. The bikini area hair is a light brown, fairly course.

My choices are:

Epi Touch Alex - in a plastic surgeons office

NY:Yag Laser - in a laser clinic

GentleLase - in a laser clinic

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Oops, I just noticed a post below with almost the same question…sorry. I also posted this in the mature forum, since it is about the bikini area, wasn’t sure.

Thanks though,

Laser type is less important than operator skill. If it’s a longh-pulse Nd:YAG, that might be OK, but the early ones that weren’t lonmg-pulse have been shown to be temporary.

Both alexandrites are fine. You might ask what they do for skin cooling. Contact cooling is usually the best bet.

But the most important thing is the experience level of the person treating you.