Laser Question About Using Laser fr Hair Reduction


I am interested in using laser to reduce the amount and thickness of hair on my forearms/triceps and beard.

I am a white male and my forearm/triceps have black hair and a lot of it, which looks something like the pic in the link below. I would like to completely remove my tricep hair and keep my forearm hair but not have it grow as densely or as dark (see link for what I would like for my forearm hair to look like). The important thing is that the final result on my forearms look natural. I also don’t want the final hair growth to be stubbly or not grow in length as I saw other have on the site.

How many sessions would I need to accomplish this task?
What laser do you recommend?
Should I wait until after the summer to do this?

My arm hair now:
Goal appearance :

As for my beard/neck area, the hair is black and thick and dense, and I would like to completely remove the hair on my neck and reduce the density and amount of hair on my face so that I no longer have the 5 o’clock shadow even after shave, especially in my chin area.

It is important to preserve my masculinity and still have hair on my face grow - just not so much or thickly.

I have read a few horror stories on here of hair growing back in patches, hair not shedding for weeks and the the hair/skin getting very dark before it sheds. What is the probability of this happening if you go to a good practitioner?

How my hair grows now:

Is electrolysis a better approach to accomplish this?
If using laser, how many sessions would I need to accomplish this task?
What laser do you recommend?

Just as important, if the skin looks read, patchy (from when the hair finally sheds) and dark, how do people deal with getting this procedure done if they have work and people seem them daily?

You have very specific goals. Unfortunately, laser doesn’t provide such specific results. Your hair is very dense and coarse on your arms, and you will get a great reduction from LHR if you do it properly with a good laser and settings. However, no one can predict the length of the final hair for you. Patchiness depends on your tech and whether they overlap well. But I can tell you it will definitely look much better if you’re looking for a less hairy look. Generally, hair gets more sparse and less coarse.

Faces are hard to treat. You need a very experienced tech who overlaps well to avoid patchy results.

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Hello, Everyone

I need HELP!, I have a couple questions.

First, I am finally hired to work in a practice doing Laser Hair Removal, but now i live in florida and the law here requires me to have a medical director i have my gynecology willing to be the one, now, what will be a fair fee or commission to pay to the doctor?

Also this practice have 2 different machines 1, the candela yag and the alexandrite, can you tell me the settings depending on the skin type? Is being a while since i took my license.

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I can only parrot what I was told by another LASER specialist at a conference lunch. She said that the doctor receives a one time fee of $75 at the first consultation. The doctor only needs to be within a phone call reach thereafter.

For your last question, maybe you need a review of your laser course. Contacting a Candela sales rep for specific details about their device would be be most reassuring for you as you (and your clients) as you begin your new endeavor. Congratulations to you and much success to you.