Laser Professionals on this Forum

I’m just on a look out for the pros here on the forum who actually use the laser.

I know those who have got laser done, but just trying to find a laser version of James and Dee on here.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

With all respect (and not referring to myself as an expert) that’s a bit insulting to people like LAGirl. She may not be a tech herself but she IS the James and Dee on here. Laser and Electrolysis are both a skilled task, but electrolysis even more so. Anyone can pick up a laser head, have someone enter settings for them and fire away, but it takes years of training to be come very good with electrolysis. A consumer can have hundreds of hours of electrolysis but it doesn’t mean they can open up shop and be an expert. Laser is more about technology, and settings. It doesn’t mean a 5 year old can treat people with laser, but laser is more about knowing the machines, what settings are best for which skin type and so on.

Yup! I know. I was trying to be simple and clear in my first post (I rely on LAgirl’s posts a lot) but I was just wondering if there were professionals on here too (as in those who actually do the laser). LAgirl is a professional too but in a different way. I remember there was one member on here but just can’t remember the username. Just out of interest.

Choice, Detigwa, and SSLHR stop by once in a while. You can send them private messages because they are not here regularly.

Odi is one, his/her clinic specializes in Soprano XL so he’s the XL expert!

To be honest, I think LAgirl and some of our other memebers now way waaay more than most Laser techs.

They only know about the machines they use. Our HairTell experts have had treatment with many different machines (such as what edokid is doing) and therefore can give vital comparison feedback.

Oh yes, I forgot Odi :slight_smile:

The others told me privately that they don’t feel the need to be here often because I cover all the questions well. They do chime in once in a while if they feel an answer is inaccurate or incomplete (most of them do check the forums still regularly…just not sure about SSLHR anymore)

Odi is the one!

Yes LAgirl has taught me a lot about laser so I am really thankful to you, and the rest for your valuable contributions to the website.

ihavehair, what would you like to know ???

I will message you if that is okay? :slight_smile:

Yes, please do. Sorry, I check the threads occasionally.

I’m here as well if you need me.

Hiya Odi!

Yep, will contact you as well.

Just need to get the stuff ready.