laser problems

i had coolglide excel for my upper arms this past june as a test area before doing my back (which i ultimately never did). i had what i guess are called tombstones on my arms, each one located right at the base of the hair follicle. the woman said these would go away in three weeks or so, then i came on this board and others told me this process could take longer. well, it has. so my technician was ridiculously off the mark as it’s now january and i still have red dots on my arm. i’ve also recently developed pain in both areas of the upper arm. my doctor thought it could be tendonitus (don’t care to look up proper spelling really) but she only saw me for 10 minutes, had me move my arms a little and asked some basic questions. she was doubtful that laser would have caused this pain. but i feel as though i know more about laser than her. i read a study released that acknowledged the possibility of nerve damage as a result of poorly administered laser treatment. both the doctor and the esthetician had calmed my nerves that the coolglide would not cause this. but deep down i can’t help but think the laser might be responsible for this pain. i have a friend with nerve damage in her feet and she described the process in which the nerves are damaged as being 12-18 months since whatever damaged them, before the pain ensued i guess. this was just another piece of information that is worrying me lately. i contacted the esthetician about my remaining tombstones and she never returned my email. i’m trying to tell myself it’ll be alright, and think i’m being strong, but deep down i’m very nervous and feel like i took a gamble that might have screwed me big time in the end. i’m quite upset. we all try to talk ourselves into this procedure, despite it’s cost and varying degree of effectiveness. it’s easy to see that money is what is driving this whole business right now. and i’m just worried that i went against my better judgement and made a mistake.

I feel your pain.

The people advertising for Laser Hair Removal are absolute monsters in my opinion. They’re lower than scum.

There’s my experience that basically destroyed my life. I’ve thought about just ending it all and getting over with it, but I don’t want to cause my mum unnecessary anguish over my pitiful life.

I think it’ll be OK. Just give it a little bit more time and take everything a step at a time. Go to another doctor if the pain persists. Continue your own research, but just remember that self-prognosis is almost invariably the worst case scenario.

Listen to your doctor, and check if you have any medical problems. Your nerve damage was not caused by the laser. Also, take time to se a dermatologist, and find out what is causing the redness on your skin.