Laser Perfect Network

I just had a consultation with a Dr. at Laser Perfect (google and select the .net name). Its not new but I just found them; does anyone here have any experience with this company?

They hire physicians with some experience in LHR (my doc is young and has 3 yrs exp in LHR) and the doc makes rounds of local spas providing the service. The fees are paid to the spa (or directly by net or phone using a credit card). BTW, the price was very attractive; for the Dallas area, the prices are 50% off until the end of the year (male brazilian is $125/treatment). And packages can reduce it by another 15% to 20%. I am a bit skeptical, so I would like to hear comments and opinions. Still, its spa-based, physician administered, has more oversight than a single office might,…

what laser is being used? still alexandrite at 16 joules? with type II skin, you can go up as high as 30 or so without issues. I’m a type II, started with 16 on first treatment, but now doing 30 joules.

Thanks for the response, LA. My current provider is using the Alexandrite (for face, neck and underarms). I am now looking for brazilian and back hair removal. Laser Perfect has a big sale this month ($125/brazilian and $200/full back) in Texas. They have the Iridex Apex 800 Diode laser and I am type II (I don’t know power levels because I have not started with them). I am very tempted to try a package deal as they will discount 6 treatments another 20% and offer a 1-yr free followup “guaranty”. Only thing is that I have not found any online references, so I wanted to solicit a customer review. So, any comments/advice?

The Apex 800 is a decent diode laser. It doesn’t have the power of the Lightsheer, but at 40J it’s more than enough for the beard. After a few treatments in some areas, 40J may not be enough.


Good, thanks for the input. For the Apex, I am only looking at back and brazilian. I understand that this should be significantly easier than a male beard, so it should work. I have used an Alexandrite (14J, 40ms, 15mm) for my face and am getting only minimal results so far. I think that my salon is being cautious on using too much power, but I may want to boost it next time to try and get more removal.

It seems like with the alexandrite lasers, the fluence has to be turned way down on the beard to avoid skin damage. That may inhibit the effectiveness of it. How many treatments have you had on your beard? Did it make the hair finer? If it did, the fluence will have to be increased on the next treatment or the effectiveness will be diminished.

I think that even for type III skin, a Nd:YAG laser is preferable for the beard area. A diode laser may work pretty good, but I would get a test spot on the beard to see how you react. I had a test spot on my beard with the Lightsheer (diode) and it left quite a bit of redness that lasted for a day or so.

This is what my trusty M3 Power looked like when I started to shed two weeks after my Lyra-i treatment:


I shave daily so most of the length of each hair in this image is from below the skin’s surface.