laser patch


Just had a test patch done yesterday in order to decide whether or not to book a full treatment. Just wondering how you know if you are a suitable candidate for laser. Does the fact that the hair has been burnt mean I am or do I need to wait a bit longer before booking a full session. What should I be looking out for?



If you can be patient, wait like two or three months. If it works, you should definitely see a pronounced reduction in the treated area. There will of course be a new cycle of hair growing in, but you should still see a reduction. If you can be really patient then I suggest getting a patch test, waiting 6 weeks, then get a second patch test and wait 8-10 weeks. A total of about 3 1/2 months, but considering the investment you’ll be making, why not be sure that A.)you’re a good candidate, B.) that this is the right laser for you, and C.)that this is a skilled practitioner. The last one is often the most important, and a good practitioner would support any patch testing before charging you a nickel. Good Luck!