laser or electrolysis

hallo everyone,

I have been plucking the dark hairs on my chin and upper lips for years and now want to find a permanent solution. after reading the posts here I am tended towards electrolysis. However, one thing worries me - because of my job I really cannot let all the hairs grow out before a treatment, also I would have to be fairly presentable soon after a treatment, i.e. I would have to put on makeup the next day.
Can I go for electrolyiss more often for shorter periods to get all the hairs rather than letting everything grow out?

thanks for your help

Just go along for a treatment every few weeks and during each clearance hopefully less and less will grow back until you are clear.

I had a lot of dark hairs on my sideburns…I was plucking daily - it has been so long ago, I don’t remember but I may have posted in my first post how many I was plucking…I had done laser hair removal years ago on the sides of my face and back of my neck…not only didn’t it work, but it seemed to have gotten worse! In January of 2011 I started electrolysis…when I first started, I was going EVERY week…I would trim the hairs real close between visits…it is now a year and a half later - I am pretty much done with my face…I go every 3 weeks to treat other parts of my body, but she usually will only see one or 2 hairs on my face (at this point, they are thin and light brown…they are not AT ALL obvious…If I wasn’t treating other body parts, I would probably only go every couple of months for a “clean up”)…I always say, I wish I started this YEARS ago! I am SO glad I did and at this point, the plucking is just a fading memory :slight_smile: …go for it…you will be happy you did!!

Great to hear about your experience, often it is making the initial appointment that is the hardest. Some clients are very self conscious, so even having a consultation can be difficult, often they have not ever discussed their unwanted hair growth.

When women have been tweezing daily, it can be very difficult to get out of the habit, I have had some clients come to to me 3 times a week even just for 5 minutes this is usually only for the first few weeks. It just gets them to put the tweezers away!!
Again thanks for sharing your experience

Yes, you can go more frequently. If you have to wear makeup, make sure it is fresh makeup and apply with clean hands or applicators. If you find someone really good, you may not have telltale signs for more than minutes to hours, thus you may not need makeup. I would not do laser for this area. Electrolysis would “see” every hair dark or light, with no regard for hair structure. This area can have a mixture of hair structures and we all know that electrolysis can treat all hair structures, all hair colors on all colors of human skin.

Thanks for the great replies, really helpful. Will go for electrolysis, have a lady who has been doing it for 30 years nearby

By the way, would you happen to know a good electrologist in
Cambridge or London area? Glasgow is a bit far, sorry, although I absolutely love Scotland.