Laser or Electrolysis

Ok i’m a 19 white male with dark hairs. I was wondering what would be best for my situation. I have very hairy legs and I’d like to get about 85% of it removed. I’d also like to get my butt done too. Thats going to be embarrasing <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />.Which one would u recommend? Also which would be less expensive and Quicker?

Laser would be quicker.

I can see you are still thinking about this, so some of this will be a repeated answer.

I would opt to investigate laser for these areas. If you read consumer posts here on hairtell, it appears that many people are satisfied with their results. The hard part will be finding an experienced laserologist who has the appropriate equipment and uses the appropriate amount of energy for the task.

If you get to a certain point where the laser can not remove some hairs that you want removed, then good ole’ electrolysis will do the cleanup job.

The areas you describe will be costly and it will take time. We can never pinpoint a definite amount for time or money because every client has a unique situation. If you are like everybody else that wants to know how much and how long, I think it is safe to say, generally speaking, that you are looking at a couple thousand dollars to several thousands of dollars IF you find a competent practitioner for laser or electrolysis. Timewise? More than a year for electrolysis and maybe for laser as well.


you’re young and still developing hair. that’s an important factor for hair removal on you because when you’ll be removing hair, you’ll also be developing NEW hair at the same time. that means that you will need more treatments and/or touchups with any method you choose at least up until you’re in your mid-twenties when hair growth will trail off.

that said, for such a large area and with light skin and dark hair, you will probably save time and money by starting with laser (given you do proper research and find the best laser for your skin type and laser tech who actually cares about your results). legs is one of the easier to treat areas. it is not cheap however, about $500 per treatment and you would need at least 8, and spaced 2-3 months apart…so count on it taking about a year or more. that applies to electrolysis too, except you’d need treatments weekly, that’s why it’s probably not a good option to start with for such a large area where laser should work well. once you get to a point where laser can’t target the remaining finer hair and you want more removed, you can always switch to electrolysis to finish up.

if I were you, I would start with your butt, a cheaper area, and see how it goes before moving on to other areas if you like the results. read the FAQs to help you do your research:

Do you really need laser for your legs? If it works you run the risk of not having any hair, and if it doesn’t then you run the risk of being out thousands of dollars. I’m sure I’m more harrier than you so I will try to help. What I do for my legs is I just run a #2 or a #1 hair clipper over it, you’ll look fine. If you have really pale skin and dark hair, then just bleach it with over the counter Sally Hansen stuff and then clip it, it’ll look fine. I do that with my arm hair and my leg hair too. For the other part, I dunno, you might want to try multiple test patches before you jump into it to see how you feel.

I dont know if ur hairier than me or not but believe me im very hairy. I dont want to worry about shaving and bleaching every week plus i got dark hair so it wouldnt look right if i bleached it. For now im just going to trim it but when i get some money im getting laser done. Also what trimmer do you use on your legs? I was thinking about getting the body groom but im not sure yet.

I just use a regular trimmer I bought from Target. It has the typical 1,2,3,4 that hair stylists use. I usually use the 2 on my legs, but really the #1 isn’t too bad. At first you might get people that ask you if you shave your legs, but then a week or so later it really does look pretty normal.

I bleach my hair on my forearms every 6-8 weeks or so, and you really can’t tell about the bleach much. Nobody has ever asked me if I bleach my arms except my mother. It definitely does hide the hair somewhat. For the first 3 days you can’t even tell I have hair on my arms really because it looks like it’s vellus hair almost and thats after I trim it with a #1 or #2.

Good luck with laser, it has worked for alot of people, but I know alot of people who haven’t had results as well. Just make sure you don’t sign anything, and if you are still not getting ANY results after 3-4 treatments don’t let them try to tell you you have less hair. You know your body and your hair, you’ll know if you have less. Another thing, if you do go for laser, don’t let them schedule you for 6-8 weeks in advance. You will come back, and then they’ll go. Well all be look at that, you have almost 90% reduction after one treatment! NOOOO the hair has just shed and is regrowing slowly. After about 12 weeks is when most of your hair will be completely back, maybe a little less on your legs but don’t let them trick you on that phase of the game.

thanx for the advice. I’ve read alot about laser and have seen recommendations from a doctor close to me so hopefully he can get the job done. Now I need to get some money to go and get it done. They say that he charges $400 for full legs and $200 for half. My shorts are always below the knee so I might get just half done then when I get more money i’ll do the thighs. I wish i could get this done before the summer but it looks like that aint going to happen <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />