laser or electrolysis?

I want to permanently remove my facial hair and it seems these two options are the only ones that come anywhere close to “permanent”. The problem is:

  1. I’m only 18, and don’t have money to spare. Either of these methods will cost me dearly, but I’m desperate to get rid of the hair. It’s ruining my life!
  2. I’ve heard horror stories about laser (eg. scarring, not effective, etc.) and even some about electro (eg. it’s HORRIBLY slow)
    Which do you think would be better for me? Or should I go for something else?! I’m really embarrased about my facial hair :frowning:


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adore_me, I am going to assume you are female in my answer. If not, I have other advice.

If you have light skin and dark hair, laser can be helpful, but you absolutely must avoid any sun on your face during and after treatments.

If you don’t have a lot of hair (mostly upper lip, chin, and by ears) electrolysis can be good on any hair color.

With either electrolysis or laser, it is vital that you choose a practitioner carefully if you hope for permanent results. Both take a lot of skill and money to achieve permanent results.