Laser or electrolysis for upper back (with photos)

I am interested in getting either laser or electrolysis for the area of my back shown below:
(My apologies for the bad photos)

Is the hair here too thin for laser and is it worth the risk of regrowth? Assuming I did get laser would a Gentlelase or Lightsheer Duet be more suitable (I am type II - III)?

Also, if electrolysis is the better option should I go for blend or thermolysis? I would prefer the electrolysis method that is cheaper in the long run.

Electrolysis. And get someone that does flash, using auto insert delay, because those are nice easy insertions that a good pro can do without relying on hitting the foot pedal twice each hair. You know, hit it fast and machine-gun like.

You are a good laser candidate though, if you could afford it, maybe a couple of laser treatments to help clear a percentage before moving in with electrolysis.

Thank you for the advice. It doesn’t really show on the photos but I have very thin black hairs surrounding the coarse growth shown above.Is there a significant risk of a laser inducing growth in these areas? Money isn’t too much of an issue as long as it doesn’t go into too many thousands of dollars.

The hair looks coarse enough for laser and yes, there is a risk of inducing in the areas where there is finer hair. You can have them only treat the areas where the hair is very coarse and then finish up with electrolysis.

I’d go with the gentlelase.

Gentlelase it is then. I will get a consult with an electrologist first to get an idea of their efficiency and the costs before considering laser. Thanks so much for the help. Its very difficult to get this kind of information in Auckland!