Laser or Electrolysis? (Also: Toronto)

I’m 26, from Iran (Middle Eastern). I’m neither white, nor brown. I guess as the FAQ says, I’m Mediterranean, but maybe just sliiiiightly fairer. As for burning, sometimes I burn but it’s usually due to a loooot of direct sun in the middle of summer without any sunscreen, and even then it’s usually around the shoulder area/back. So I guess I don’t burn easily.

I think I fall somewhere in between Type III and IV, but you be the judge:
And this is me with a sliiiiiiiiiiight tan (I’m talking about an insignificant amount):

Area to be Lasered/elctroly…sized?!

The area above my beard line and 1-inch below my eyes. I get some random hair here. A few are more coarse (half-way between my coarse like my beard and very fine hair), some are somewhat fine, and some are really really really fine. It’s not a lot of hair, but it’s annoying since I remove them with a tweezer and sometimes I get ingrown hairs.

Someone suggested that for such a small area and fine hair, I shouldn’t do laser. But the area isn’t that small; technically, the surface area on each side is equivalent to the chin area, me thinks. And the hairs that I care about are the ones which are a bit more coarse (again, not as coarse as my beard), which if I had to estimate, number to around 30-40 hairs. The really fine ones, I don’t give a dang about.


Hi Sepandee,

I have had laser done in these areas and regret it. I have since seen increased growth in areas where there was no growing hair before I started laser. Please read my thread to find out more. I used to have lots of fine downy hair and now, as you will see, it is very visible and active. Electrolysis is the best way to go from my experience so far.

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P.s. you’ll need to be patient with electrolysis and stop tweezing the hairs too. I now bleach the hairs when they become too prominent, I find it helps lots :slight_smile:

Thanks, Pokka. I’ll do electrolysis, if I can find a good place to go to. So far, my search on this forum has given me 0 results.

I’d also stick with threading the hair above my beard line, but I’ve watched several ‘how to thread’ videos on youtube and so far, I’ve failed miserably and am frustrated :slight_smile:

So, any electrologists in Toronto??

My opinion is electrolysis, hands down. Not only are you guaranteed permanent hair removal, but by targeting individual follicles, you can get a razor sharp beard line. However, you must be certain that the practitioner is not going to cause your face any harm. So, if I were you, I’d have someone do a few hairs and monitor the skin quality for a while to see if it causes any pigmentation issues and to see how you heal.

I’ve done one session of laser on my face, love it so far. Still in the hair free stage but it’s so nice not shaving every day! I’m going to do a few more sessions of laser to see how it turns out, then probably finish off with electrolosys.

Hi, I have read a little more and it seems laser for face on men and women is different due to the different hair types. So it may well be a good solution for you if you are trying to remove coarser hair first and then, as others have said, tidying up with electrolysis if the laser didn’t give you the result you wanted.

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p.s. Have a look on the dectro apilus website. I would have thought you’d have your pick in Toronto!

Hi there,

Here’s a link for you:
Dectro salon directory for Ontario

I was using my phone to reply in the pervious post so could not copy and paste the link for you. Hope this helps you.


did you find a good electrologist in Toronto?

Please help