laser on red hair


I know dark hair is what’s needed for laser to work very well, but what about very red hair on very light skin?



I would suggest an IPL for the red hair. I have white hair on my face. I am THRILLED with my results. I have had some negative response on this forum regarding white hair and IPL. I was very hesitant to go thru with my treatments in fear that I am wasting my money. Now I am glad that I went with my first instinct and listen to my dermatologist! It has been 4 months undergoing IPL treatments and my hair on the face is noticebly less with no regrowth. I had black hair on my chin that is now gone. I am very pleased. My dermatologist feels that I only need one more treatment and then a follow up visit once or twice a year for upkeep which is normal. I did not experience any problems. My skin is a little pink after the treatment, but in an hour it is normal again. Hope this helps and I highly recomment IPL!


You should consider the Syneron Aurora for red hair. As long as the hair has pigment in it the Aurora will be effective.



thanks for the advice!


IPLs have had pretty mixed results on red hair (as have lasers), and I’d only add that the Aurora is very new and has no long-term consumer information.

Red hair sort of puts you on the fence. It’s less likely you’ll see a good result, so be sure you have realistic expectations.