Laser on Neck


I’ve been a lurker on this forum. I am a 30 yo male that is getting some laser hair removal done on back and shoulders. I’ve been wanting to also get some of the stray hairs on my lower neck lasered off for a cleaner look. If I were wearing a t-shirt, the excess hair is essentially an extension of my chest hair to just below where my beard would naturally end on my neck if I haven’t shaved in a few days. The technician didn’t quite understand my instructions. I should have shown her the exact area in a mirror. She ended up lasering off the part of my neck around the adam’s apple area where my facial hair/beard naturally grows. When I look at the left side of my neck it doesn’t look so bad, but when I look at the right side, there is a smooth spot. Bascially, she went a little further up on the right side.

I have pretty thick facial hair. If I have a few days of stubble, I don’t think anyone would really notice this because people aren’t really paying attention to the way a guy’s stubble grows on his neck. But since I know the symmetry is off, it really bothers me. I was thinking about having her even it both sides, but then I don’t want to further laser off a part of my natural beard area. I am hoping since only one session of laser was done, that some of this spot would fill in more. But it has been a over 5 weeks and the area is still smooth. I won’t go in for another session on my back and shoulders in another month. I was wondering if any of you have tips or suggestions. Do you think in a couple months some hair will grow back in the smooth area? In case you need to know, I am probably a Fitzpatrick Type V or VI. And I am using a Candela Gentlemax Nd:Yag laser.