laser on males legs ?


alright, I wanted to have laser hair removal on my legs but what I want is a reduction and am not sure if I am a good candidate for laser or not.

Anyways I uploaded pics so you can have an idea and expectations like how many treatments do i need to do ? say two will be enough to see reduction in the overall area of the leg or will I have patches which I DON’T WANT !

and yeah there is a problem,well my knees are dark and ashy I don’t know how to describe it but the pics will say it all.
Based on the pics what laser machine should I look into ?

By the way The hair is trimmed in the photos :slight_smile:

hmm seems like the attachments are not opening ^^!

so I uploaded them in a different websites hope you guys will be able to see them.

You should get great results your legs look similar to mine. You’ll need 3-4 to see a reduction though 2 won’t do it. Patchiness is only a result of the technician missing spots when treating you so you need to make sure anything that doesn’t shed is treated with a touchup.

Alright, happy to hear that I will get great results! but what kind of laser machines I need to look at depending on my skin and hair type ? How would they adjust the laser into different settings as my knees have different shade? Is that possible ?

Regarding patchiness do I need to tell them I want a reduction not a complete clearance ? or would this affect the performance like lowering the laser setting ?

One more thing, Should I do the whole leg and thighs ? I mean I’ve read that sometimes laser induces more hair in some parts of the body like shoulders so I am afraid I will have more hair instead of getting it reduced .


Settings don’t worry about, I mean worry about them in the sense you want them to be good but there’s not enough difference with your knees vs thighs etc to worry. I’d go for an alexandrite laser like GentleLASE or Apogee Elite or MPX. If they did find the knees were too dark they can adjust but I doubt they would it’s not that different.

Patchiness would have nothing to do with them knowing you want a reduction vs clearance. Patchiness is only caused by them missing spots. My one clinic uses a huge stamp that’s a grid of boxes so they fire into each one. Most clinics will draw quadrants on you using a white pencil and then they work each section as they go. Patchiness shouldn’t be a problem unless the person doesn’t know what they are doing, or they rush through etc. Either way though after 3 weeks or so all the hair should have fallen out. At this point if there’s say a spot or two that hasn’t, you can usually just go back for a free touch up to get that area.

I’d do the full legs. I don’t think laser induces hair on a guys legs at all, really just shoulders and upper arms. Would look weird to have only lower legs done. I wouldn’t tell them you want to reduce only, only because they may lower the settings or something. The best way to reduce the hair is still use high settings but only go maybe 3 or 4 times. To be honest though, you could probably go 6 times and still have a great reduction, it’s not like you’re ever going to be like oh man I went one too many times now I’m 100% smooth! The laser can’t remove 100% of hair anyway, only around 80-90% so you shouldn’t have to worry.

What is your skin type? In photos, you look like a IV or slightly darker, but screens are different.

Generally, a Yag laser may be best, especially if you’re only looking for a reduction. But if you’re actually lighter than it looks to me, than an alexandrite would be fine too.

I don’t know what my skin type is but I think I am brown or maybe light brown ( the photos were under flash).

Anyhow I made an appointment on Saturday for a consultation and a test patch. The clinic uses GentleYag for dark skinned.

There is another clinic in my area that offers GentleMax and Alexandrite.

Can anyone confirm that laser will not induce hair on thighs ?

I gathered some information from this forum to what to ask in the consultation like spot size, jouls and pulse width … right ?

Check out the FAQs below. There is a chart for skin types. You should read everything in there anyway before starting this process.

GentleMAX is a combination laser that has both alex and Yag settings.

Yep, those are the parameters you should ask for.

Thank you but what about laser induces hair in some part of the legs, thighs ?

I’ve read the FAQs but still can’t figure what my skin type is but I would say IV or maybe V

I am not aware of laser stimulating hair on the lower or upper legs. The lower legs are quite receptive to to permanent laser hair reduction. The thighs don’t respond as well as the lower legs.

Induced growth is only an issue on areas that have fine or sparse or vellus or no hair. It’s not an issue at all when you’re treating dense coarse growth.

With your skin type, you definitely want a Yag laser.

alright, the clinic I booked with has a Yag laser. I will see how the consultation goes and will report back.

Do you know what the parameters should be for the starting session ? So I have something to discuss with them.

Well my front thigh has hair that is quite as thick as the lower leg but some part of the hair on the back of thighs are finer and sparse. This is why I asked.

You have to ask the clinic about the parameters. They can see you in person and can test settings. Generally, you want a clinic who’s willing to test you so they can be aggressive in settings. You can post here afterwards with numbers and we can at least tell you if the settings are reasonable.

I wouldn’t recommend treating any area or spots that don’t have dense coarse growth.

Yes, I will report back for the setting to get your opinions about it.

Do you think my thighs will respond to the yag laser ?

The hair that is coarse and dense will respond. The rest shouldn’t be treated. You should only treat spots with dense coarse growth.

The pictures of his legs look just like mine, same colour texture of hair and everything. It’s definitely pushing it for an alex, you can’t have any tan at all but I disagree about the yag. I just had my legs done with a yag because my clinic wanted to use it for the first sessions before the alex, and I had maybe 40% of the hair shed. I’ve also used yag on my forearms once and had maybe 80% of the hair shed, where as the alex I get literally 100%.

Hi there,

I’m female but your skin looks slightly darker than mine (taking in account all the different lighting conditions) and I’m a type IV. I think you’re a similar colouring to my sister who is also type IV.

I was treated with the Yag portion of the Apogee Elite. I got almost complete shedding of the entire leg hairs, even the fine ones that weren’t permanently removed.

My sister will soon start on her legs (her legs are very hairy, I’d say about the same as yours but less on the thighs) but she’s had her arms treated at the same clinic with the same tech and obviously, it’s not as coarse as leg hair but she experiences almost complete shedding as well.

I think you will be fine. If you’re in any doubt, wait until the hair sheds after the test patch (if they do one). All the hair should shed.

As mentioned, ask for settings so you can get feedback on whether they are aggressive enough.

He says he’s between type IV and V. That’s not light enough for an Alex. It’s hard to judge skin color in photos here because screen settings are calibrated differently on each computer.

Also, he’s only looking for a reduction. A Yag at good settings should be good.