Laser on male thighs

I’ve read several posts on here about doing that area. Some people had great success. Others say the hair isn’t thick enough for it. I figured I would post pics and get feedback. I’ve done 3 sessions on my thighs (it’s been around 8 weeks since I did my third session.) I guess the question is… should I expect a good reduction or should I save myself money and only do the lower leg (I’m being treated with a Gentlelase 18 mm spot size @ 16J)

The other question is what to do with all these little “spots” over my thigh and leg:

I know they will supposedly fall out with time or get burned off with the next treatment, but I feel like it gives it a more shaved look. Is there a way to make it look more “naturally” smooth, like I never had hair to begin with at all?

I hope you get answers to your questions because I am also wondering about the “spots”.

Your thigh hair is thick enough for laser. You should get good results.

How are you spacing the sessions?

Exfoliating with a mitt may help shed the stuck hair. You can also try glycolic (10-12%) and salicylic acid(1-2%).

I’m glad it’s thick enough lol. It just seems to grow back faster than the lower leg. Second session was 3 months after 1st. 3rd session was 6 months after 2nd haha. Not too much consistency clearly but I aim for 3-4 months.

I’ll look into the acid. I should also get a mitt at some point. I may also wait and see if it sheds after the next laser session