Laser on face

Hi everyone,

I’m having my male beard lasered at the moment and I have a few doubts.

1- I’m getting laser performed by an ET lightsheer diode laser - is this the best choice? I have light skin and dark facial hair. I don’t tan easily.

2- I have this done every 11 weeks - I was told this was the best way to treat a male beard’

3- The settings used are as followed: 23-25j per cm² and 30m/s. How are these?

I would appreciate any help/feedback,

thanks a ton :slight_smile:

1 – it’s a pretty good choice, but not necessarily the “best” choice. Generally an alexandrite like Gentlelase is the best choice for people with light skin and dark hair, though a number of people on here had good results with the lightsheer (I haven’t used it myself), so I wouldn’t be too worried.

2 – usually 8 weeks is enough, but nothing wrong with waiting a little longer

3 – Those settings aren’t bad. In general, it’s not recommended to use below 25J. That being said, the beard hair tends to be denser and coarser so it’s ok to use a little lower settings for safety reasons, but the closer they are to 25, the better


Thank you for replying. A quick query - Would I be able to get this laser on my nipples and would it be effective?


Yes if the hair around there is dense and coarse and dark. If it’s more on the finer side, then it will be much less effective