laser on face

I am new to the boards,but havea question. Is laser treatment genrally for the face?


Laser treatment can be done on any part of the face or body, but i’ve heard from many people (professionals and customers alike) that generally facial treatments are not quite as successful as body treatments - you will see some reduction but it’s not as spectacular as if you had, for example, your legs treated. It also of course depends on your skin type and the colour of the hair - the lighter the skin, and the darker the hair, the better the results will be. Keep in mind that growth on the face if you are female is often hormone-related, and therefore harder to combat on a permanent basis. (New hormonal alterations can stimulate your hair follicles to produce stronger hair growth.)

There is no problem treating most parts of the face, but be extremely cautious if you’re considering having an area near the eyes done, or you could be blinded short-term or long-term.

Some practitioners will feel safe about treating the area between the eyebrows as there is bone beneath the skin, but you shouldn’t let anyone treat the area below the eyebrow unless they insert a contact-lens type of shield under your eyelids.

My older sister has a severe case of PCOS which includes a full male-like beard. After I had such great results with the LightSheer I begged her to try laser. She finally did. The results have been outstanding. After the 2nd full face treatment, her shadow disappeared. She has had 4 treatments over one year and she looks beautiful. Her skin is soft and there is no shadow. She still has to pluck or shave here and there but her problem is about 80% gone.She does have some scarring on her face from her 30+ years of sometimes twice a day shaving and ingrowns. Overall, she is a changed woman.My advice to anyone with PCOS and lots of facial hair is to start laser treatments and get the problem under control. Sure you are going to produce new hairs throughout your life, but the laser will take care of them.

That’s great news, LindaC! For some women with PCOS, it’s necessary to do laser or electrolysis at the same time they are using medications to control their hormone levels. Laser or electrolysis alone may not be as effective for women with elevated levels. It’s a good thing your sister did fine, but anyone who is having difficulty with permanent options should consider getting a blood workup.