laser on ebay DMD500

I saw the dmd500 laser machine on ebay…anyone got any info on it…any experiences or likewise

It makes a great laser pointer.

The latest repackaging by Vector/Global Marketing.
It should say, Retail Price, $999.99, Ebay Buy It Now Price $699.99, Buy Kit from Radio Shack and Make It Yourself Like We Did, $19.99!
They are in our scammers hall of shame. You are welcome to buy it and find out how it doesn’t work, and how they don’t honor their return policy, but you would be better to just send me the money to spend on my 7 kids, 2 grandmothers, and mom living in my house or to Tsunammi Relief, or buy girl scout cookies with it. Anything but feed the scammers.

Click on the link below
Home Use Laser Scam

Just to add my two cents. If you really want to try out those products, try to buy them from informercials… All advertisers must honour their return policy, and eventually you should be able to get your money back, but the processing might be extremely complicated.

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… you would be better to just send me the money to spend on my 7 kids, 2 grandmothers, and mom living in my house or to Tsunammi Relief…
Wow! you must be a busy Dad. How do you manage 7 kids?

As others have mentioned, this is a product made by a very disreputable company. Do not purchase it.

Actually, it has been reported on several news magazine shows that bad infomercial companies just ignore the refund requests of buyers until they have a case against them from the attorney general, and at that point, they get to settle with the lot of them for a reduced price.

First they tell you that you can’t return anything without a “Return Authorization Number” That serves to waste your valuable return time. Then you have to send it back to them following some strange return instructions. (Cut the black dot off the box, and affix it to the red square) Then they tell you they did not receive it, or it was lost in the mail, which works if you don’t send it with delivery confirmation. If you did, they just tell you that they received it too late for the refund, or that you did not follow the return rules correctly (you affixed the black dot on the Red Square, when you were supposed to put in on the blue triangel). Or, they tell you everything will be taken care of, but that you can’t get the refund until next billing cycle, and hope you forget.
Delay, Deflect, Deny. Sounds like the insurance companies.

When dealing with one of these companies, you really have to buy with a Credit Card, and tell them early that you are asking for a refund, and hoping that they will help you if anything goes wrong. The company hopes to keep you chasing your tail until you loose your right to dispute the charge on your bill. If you don’t ask the CC company to rescend the transaction in time, you can’t get your money back by that route even if you can prove that your card was stolen. Neat Huh?

Remember the Ferengi Laws of Acquisition Star Trek Fans: Once you get their money, you never give it back! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Reply to off topic:
As for the large number of people in my house, my mother’s mother is 90, my father’s mother is 79, and my mother is 60. I am all my father’s mother and my mother have when it comes to someone to take care of them. It is easy to collect a large number of children when people keep dropping them off at your door while you are at work, and your mother keeps taking them in. (As if I would have said no. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />) If my mom, and grandmother’s leave this earth too soon before the youngest of the kids is older, I will be in a pickle, because I won’t have anyone to help me care for them, so I will need to cut back on work to have time to be there for them. Needless to say, I am still single as supporting that many people leaves little time for a social life, and one can’t have one’s own children when one is taking care of 7 one did not make.
But Don’t Cry for me Argentina. I kept my Promise!
Just the same, people with extra money to send out to a good cause, can paypal their donations to instead of making the boat payments and country club fees for the scammers. I can’t promise that the boys won’t waste it on Video Games, or that the girls (Mom and the Grandmothers included)won’t waste it on even more clothes, but at least the video games will be for V-Smile Educational Game System, and the Clothes won’t be Prada or Gucci
I love the kids as if they really were my own (hey, I am the only one doing the job, right) and I do my best to do things with them when I can, and they tackle me in a gang hug everytime I walk through the door. I just can’t make enough money when I think about trying to put them all through college. Love will make a way. After all, I could have sent the kids to foster homes, and the old ladies to nursing homes, but I wouldn’t want that for myself<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Thank you, Andrea. Enough is enough especially for the professionals on this site.