laser not working

I have spent over $2000 on laser hair removal. I have dark hair, but I guess not dark enough for the laser. I am disapointed with the laser treatments on my underarms and face. My bikini area has worked the best, being thick coarse hair (still not 100% gone). My underarms have had around 10 treatments and the hair is much finer and thinner, but not gone!!! It was also very painfull to have the laser treatments. And very expensive. I’m going to try the electrolysis next. Seems more painfull, but more permenant. If you have any advice, let me know.

what laser was used? what did you experience each time? was there shedding of all hair? what is your skin and hair type, texture, color? what settings were used if known?

electrolysis is usually better for face unless hair is very coarse like a man’s beard. but with underarms and bikini you should be getting good results with a good laser, experienced laser tech, high enough settings etc if you have light skin and dark coarse hair.