Laser Not For Me

I tried laser(sorry not sure what type), and had 5 treatments on upper lip, 4 on each underarms, bikini, and lower leg. I saw results for the first 4 months, but now 1 year later, there really is no difference. I think to spend over $1000 for no visable lasting results is not worth it. Just wanted to add my $0.02 to the forum!
I’ve got very dark hair and very pale skin, so should have been an ideal candidate. Moving on to electrolysis!

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I was just reading this page. You might wan to take a look.

That kind of money could have bought 5,000 to 10,000 hairs PERMANENTLY removed via electrolysis. Had you had someone with the speed of a Fino Gior, you could have even lost up to 30,000 hairs for that kind of money. Such a shame.

The website yb refers to appears to be an advertisemnt of Electrology. I noticed the study they use to discredit Laser was done in 1996, when they used to pour a carbon based liquid all over your skin to somehow conduct the Laser. I actually remember having this done to me, and Laser hair removal was in it’s absolute infancy back then. I would look for more recent studies to learn about Laser, say something from this century!

Having done Electrolysis for 20 years and for the past 3 years Laser I would just like to tell you ,either one will work.You do however need a good person for Electrolysis or Laser.I see a lot of Poeple asking how much treatments cost.
Not often do I see a anybody trying to find out what training/knowlege the elctrogist or the lasertechnican should have.