Laser male legs reduction

Hi guys, I have always been really self conscious about my legs and finally decided to do something about them I have done electrolysis on other areas but because it’s a large area and I’m only looking for a reduction I think laser would be the better choice. I haven’t gone in yet (I’m pretty nervous) but this is the place Im going to try, if you have time you can check out the website But they use the Candela gentleYAG which after doing a lot of research is the best choice for me. I have attached pictures.

My questions before I go there are what settings should I expect? im of Indian orgin so light brown.

Will my legs look weird after I go for my treatments? or will they just looked shaved? I can always tell people I shaved for football or something but I don’t what to walk around with it obvious that I have done something else, especially with the summer coming up in Australia its pretty hard to cover up!

Also how many treatments for a nice even (no patchiness) reduction? I know this involves a lot of factors but I would like around a 60-70% would be ideal but anything better than I have now I would be satisfied I don’t want to spend my money and be in the same position.

I also wanted to get my private parts and backside done, a reduction as well. Would the settings differ on those areas? Or should they be the same? they appear to be the same skin tone not much difference maybe a shade darker.

Sorry about the long post, thanks to anyone who can help but I would like to be well informed before I go if I go that is lol. I have seen a lot of people on tv and online getting this done then coming back and finding out it wasn’t for them or they were treated incorrectly. Thanks for your time.

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Hair looks dark enough and coarse enough. GentleYAG is a good machine, providing the settings are good.

You need to make sure the tech overlaps properly and does not miss areas. If they don’t make a provision to do this, you can draw a grid yourself. If you use the search function, you should be able to find posts regarding this.

I’m female and type IV, so not quite the same situation. But I had only three properly spaced and well executed treatments on my lower legs. The reduction was over 80% and the remaining hair is fine and yes, it’s very patchy. There are some areas which are almost totally bald.

I can’t really advise what you should do. I would say, don’t do more than 2-3 treatments if you want to keep the hair looking even. It’s really hard to predict. My sister had 3 treatments on her arm hair and luckily when the hair grew in after she stopped, it was a bit finer, a bit less dense and even… no patchiness. Lucky for her, because whereas I wanted to be as hair free as possible, she would be leaving her arms alone until she could do electrolysis to finish, so she didn’t want them patchy.

Another factor may have been that I waxed my legs 3 months before my first appointment to maximise the effectiveness of the first treatment. My sister did nothing to her arms beforehand expect shave the day before treatment.

As regards to the hair after treatment… I don’t know if you mean between the treatments or when you completely stop. In the 2-3 weeks after your first appointment the hair will be ‘shed’. I guess you can think of this as being ejected from the follicle and since you shaved the hairs before treatment, they will have blunt ends and look like growing shaved hairs. Following this, the area should be clear if all the treated hairs shed for some weeks until hairs begin to emerge from the next lot of growing follicles. It’s only when you stop treatments and wait 3-6 months to allow all the hairs to come through that it will begin to look ‘normal’ again.

In regards to the other areas, the tech will most definitely need to adjust the settings. Not only because the skin may be darker in some areas (which it will) but because the thickness and depth of the follicles will be different. They should know best.

Oh ok thanks for the very informative reply,
80% sounds good after 3 treatments I might try 2 spaced out and see how it works out. I have never shaved or waxed my legs before if that means anything.

I meant between the sessions will I get some sort of reaction? like electroylsis Where I believe I did experience some hyperpigmentation.

your legs are exactly like mine, only mine is loads longer even the hair type is the same, have you trimmed the hair? you are not likely to get hyperpigmentation… I had a patch test and the hair did not even shed properly…the hair is petty thin but dark like mine…you may get pores visible after but as only reduction shouldn’t be too bad. when is your consultation and you will definitely be able to tell you have done something till it grows in again.

Ummm the pics where from a few months back I think I might have trimmed them then. So your saying they’ll look weird for about 2-3 weeks then where hair starts growing back they’ll look normal? I haven’t booked a consultation in yet but it would be towards the end of next week.

Mine looked like they’d being shaved ie stubble. Aside from being hair free, tgey didn’t look ‘weird’. Stubble lasted a few weeks and tis important to exfoliate and moisturise to help ‘shed’

k cool that doesn’t sound too bad lol

Again, hard to say. With an aggressive treatment you should get temporary redness and maybe some welting but it goes down within a day or two. Pigmentation issues are relatively rare. The only concerning thing would be if you get pepper spots. Instead of the hair shedding and coming out so that you can enjoy a hair free period, you have little black dots (is it the hair ‘fused’ in the follice? I don’t know) that can take weeks to slough out or even last until the next session.

Hi I had this done with the same goal in mind - a reduction of hair on my legs.

With lower legs particularly the shins and lower ankles. Laser is very effective here and after 3 sessions some of the hair in these areas did not and has not come back. This looked like it would repeat on my upper thighs but it came back even enough. Be mindful of that. I kinda get away with it because like a (not that hairy blonde guy) you can see I have hair but its just not so in your face but on closer inspection there are some gaps lower down.

Yeh thats a good way to describe it lol, the not so in your face hair i would be happy with that. Has anyone got a example of pepper spots? also what settings should I expect? with the Candela gentleYAG like a ball park figure so i can tell if they try something really low or high. Thanks for the feedback

Hey guys,
Finally went for a consultation at a laser centre, didn’t really go very well the lady obviously didn’t know much about the subject and kept trying to make me buy a pack of 5 treaments for $2000 and told me one treatment for just the legs was $840 and I pretty sure she was going to treat me with the machine she had which wasn’t a ndYag which she only admitted once I said something about it on their website. I mentioned that I only wanted a reduction and she told me at most I would get a 40% reduction from 5 Treatments. I called another centre and the lady knew what she was talking about but that is going to cost me around $900 per treatment aswell. That’s a lot of money for potentially no results……

Went to another centre, the girl kind of knew what she was talking about but kept telling me that it wouldn’t work if I took breaks between treatments and was adamant that if didn’t come in every 6 weeks for 4 treatments I would not get results or they results would be patchy. The treatments would cost $4400 for the 6 session and she said that I might have to come in once a year after if things got hairy……I’m now contemplating electrolysis for my legs its going to take a long time and similar money but I know ill get a permanent result and the reduction can be even. But not looking forward to the hours…

kp - Electrolysis will be hard work but worth it. I think legs are pretty easy to do as well, so you don’t need a very experienced electrologist. Just someone whose work is solid.

By the way, no results if you don’t come every 6 weeks and $4400 for 6 sessions…that’s crazy.


It’s true that electrolysis is not as fast as laser but the results of just one clearance with a good electrologist equals to that of about 4 perfectly executed laser treatments.

That is, it would be if you’d be lucky enough to find a good laser center.

Since few operators know how to use it effectively, laser commonly yields almost no result even if one is the perfect candidate for it.