Laser Lies

[size:14pt]From May 4, 2012 on Kathie Lee and Hoda, a show I don’t watch:[/size]

Q. What is more effective, laser hair removal or electrolysis?
A. Laser hair removal is permanent; electrolysis is not. Both take forever and electrolysis is more painful, too.

This answer was given by a dermotologist, Dr. Jeanine Downie from New Jersey.

Genius answer number two:

Q. The hair I want to get rid of is blonde. They tell me that laser removal won’t work on blonde hair. What is the best method to remove it?
A. Laser is unreliable on blonde hair. Patch test on one area for four months before you decide. Otherwise, threading, waxing and sugarin[/b]g all work.

The link. Watch it while it is still up.

Unreliable? Her answer is MISLEADING. LASER WON’T WORK ON BLOND HAIR. Not one mention of electrolysis from the good doctor? How is this helpful information for hair removal viewers watching NBC? If a physician with a laser practice gives you, the consumer, these kind of answers, do not trust them. Do not give them your money. Beware of fraudulent, self-serving, dispicable statements like these. More proof that most doctors are ignorant about the details of hair removal, but don’t worry, we have your back covered at HairTell. We will always tell you the truth.

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The FDA disagrees.

Kind of makes one wonder about her other medical opinions…

This is all you need to know:

"Because laser treatment is precision targeted, one follicle at a time, it is customizable to the patient’s needs. "

Thanks for getting involved, Brenton. We, electrologists are not very powerful. We have trouble combating these lies. The AEA is trying their hardest to make a difference, but it is so helpful when consumers spread correct, first-hand information to their doctors and show them that electrolysis worked for you.

Mike Roy,

Yes, it makes you wonder about her competence in regard to her speciality.

If anyone would like to contact the good doctor with their success stories concerning permanent hair removal per electrolysis, here is her website and contact information.

Woe be the hides of her victims… :o

Well now this is interesting.

“Laser hair removal only works on light brown and darker hair. If your facial hair is blonde or gray, lasering’s probably not an option for you,” says Jeanine Downie, a dermatologist in Montclair, New Jersey.

Some would say that it looks like a conspiracy! :smiley:

Oh, James, hehe! I think your middle name is ‘Conspiracy’. How you make me laugh!

You sound so… Tudor’ish, Mike.

My favorite laser quotes.

These statements I heard first hand … not in print or rumor. Dr. Perkins, the plastic surgeon I used to work with, had purchased a laser “for me to use” and we went to a seminar by the dermatologist that invented laser hair removal. He also has THE authoritative book on the subject (actually a great book). I don’t think I’d better say his name. Anyway, here are the unforgettable quotes from Dr. “G.”

  1. “The best patient for laser hair removal would be a corpse: the skin is pure white and the hairs black … and, you can certainly guarantee permanent results.”

  2. "Doctors, if you want to be in business for 5 more years, NEVER use the word ‘permanent’ with laser hair removal. Somehow, the hairs usually manage to grow back.”

I really couldn’t believe my ears. I also talked to the derm., about potential “aging” of dermal fibroblasts from laser and he said: “I had not considered that effect, but you could be right.” Old fibroblasts = more wrinkles. Welcome to the brave new world!

I want to emphasize one thing. I am a strong proponent of LASER hair reduction. I send my clients, when appropriate, to laser specialists who are highly ethical and highly skilled. I am a strong defender of electrolysis, not because it is my livelihood and passion, but because I never have to apologize, make excuses or disappoint people about the outcome . It works and I am proud to be hugged and elevated to goddess status when the end of the journey comes and the depressed hairy woman is no longer chasing hairs in the bathroom mirror every morning.

When grossly false statements are made about electrolysis by the Jeanine Downie’s of the world, I’m there to focus in on such unethical lies. Both modalities are helpful and can work well in combination. That’s what I care about and feel very uncomfortable putting on the uniform of support for one side or the other.

How can Downie’s words be grabbed back after they have already been released over the air waves? This is not good for her credibility and sucker punching is not a good strategy for a woman scientist of medicine.

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hi dafey,pls is it true that treating body hair is faster than facial hair in terms of lengts of treatments?Am female and advetuorous shavving gave me hair on my chest but they r very fine.

Hello there. Thanks for peeking in. Not necessarily to your first question. Shaving did not cause hair to grow on your chest. Is that what you are implying?

I think what she wants to know is that, while facial hairs may take many treatments over a course of 18 to 24 months to complete a job, body hairs can be done with less treatment frequency (assuming full clearances) and with fewer complete clearances.

Hi dafey,it was because i shaved my fine unnoticeable hairs vellus hairs on my chest(adventuoruos shaving) that hair grew back thicker and when i tried using laser it didnt make it thicker byt stimulated hair growth around.
Yes James that is my question.