Laser leg reduction. Good candidate? (photos)

I’m thinking about having a reduction on my leg hair in the future, after I finish electrolysis.

My question is, what are my chances? I’ve done IPL/laser treatments on my back and back of the neck, and the situation only got worse, the hairs, (I know now) were never good to be treated with laser. Very thin indeed, it was a rushed and uninformed decision and shame on the the clinic that performed it…

Anyway, I’m doing things the right way now and I’m asking for your help to know if I can achieve a reduction in my legs. JUST A REDUCTION. 60%…

In the clinic I’m doing electrolysis they have the EPILRADICAL LASER II and PHOTOSILK.


(the last photo os the hair trimmed)


Also I should say that I’m going to be extra carefull this time around. There are spots on my legs that have thin hair, I’ll make sure that those hairs are left untreated, so as to not trigger more hair growth. But still, even if those hairs are “caught” in the treatment, is it likely that it can cause Paradoxical Hair Stimulation? I’m thinking that in the legs the risk is not as big as in upper arms, etc…

Thank you


I would definitely do laser. You need an NDYAG laser and probably 4-5 sessions, spaced 6-8 wks apart to lose approx. 50% of your hair.

R & J

I have NEVER seen any MALE CLIENT get MORE HAIR on their legs after laser.

The legs are not areas that are prone to laser hair stimulation. Don’t worry, jon, you should get a nice reduction for this area.

I had the same situation where laser treatment made the hair coarser.This was using light shear laser. I guess different bodies react differently.I tried genlte laser and though it is hardly effective in reducing hair it surely thin it.

What area did you have lased?

Thank you for your answer Chris, do you know anything about the EPILRADICAL LASER II?

From what I’ve searched on the internet it is an Nd: Yag 1064 nm. I’ve translated the “nm” from portuguese, so I don’t know if you can translate.

You had the treatment done in your legs? where did it got coarse? upper leg? all the leg?

It would be great if you could share it

No, I have not heard of Epilradical Laser.

dfahey, can you please tell me roughly how many hours of work you’d require to clear his legs with electrolysis alone? and over how many months?

Thank you.

It depends on his ability to put in several hours up front as to how many months this would take. I go at the pace the client wants because he is my boss. I could do a 5" by 5" area in an hour with this much hair using PicoFlash thermolysis (makes me salivate and gives me atrial fibrillation just looking at those legs!). I love cases like this!

I must be honest about this case. I would strongly advise that these legs meet up with a good laser specialist. I’m thinking one good professional waxing would be helpful six weeks before the first laser session to make sure the presenting hairs are in anagen phase. A couple laser treatments may satisfy this young man by bringing him a decent reduction in the amount of hair that he can live with happily after, forever and ever. He made need more depending on the look he wants.

i went for a patch test on my leg today. I’m a little bit confused. Their laser machine is definitely a ndYag. But when I asked about the energy they used on me the operator said 15 J ? She said it was the maximum energy… I’ve reqd about laser stories in here and I thought high settings were like 30+…

On the area, I didn’t felt any major pain, just like little stings. And it’s not red. Anyone can help me? Maybe I should wait to see if there’s shedding?


You should ask for Joules, Pulse width AND Spot size.