Laser induced thick coarse hair

Hello All,

I have recently begun electrolysis treatments on my face and neck after undergoing laser hair removal, which failed very much. I used to have thin baby hair on my face and now it is coarse dark black hair which is much more visible now. I regret doing laser so much. After a lot of research I decided to get electrolysis done. My question is, when people say it takes a year to get permanent results, how many treatments is that and how many hours? I have gotten 18 hours of treatments so far over about 3 months now. In the beginning I went once a week for two hours. Now I go once a week for an hour. I feel like I’m going more often than most people so at this rate will it really take a year? When should I notice a significant difference? Prior to electrolysis I shaved my face for laser then after that I may have waxed my face 3 times in my life before starting electrolysis. Any information would be really helpful. I’m just worried if it’s really working or not.

What is your skin tone?

I’ve been going for almost a year for treatments on my arms and partially on the shoulders. I’m a male, late twenties.

I have not had good results, which may be due to my skin tone (type IV; brown).

In the beginning I went once a week. Then every 2 weeks. Then at least once a month.

Now, I currently do not get treatments regularly.

Your experience could be wildly different from mine, but who knows? I would first read as much of the topics here about the side-effects and the different progresses/drawbacks people have experienced.

Everyone’s skin is different. So I don’t think it’s fair to give anyone a ‘general rule’.

My case is a great example. And often, many of the answers I’ve received from forum electrologists have been completely wrong. So you really should read more before making a long-term commitment.

I hope you understand LDLD, that our “completely wrong information” is based on looking at your photographs, not knowing the time-frame, not having actually done the treatments ourselves and relying on your observations.

I read your posts every now-and-then and the one thing missing is “what your own electrologist has told you.”

Why aren’t you communicating with the actual person involved? The person that worked on you?

Going on-line and expecting any kind of diagnosis is, overall pretty unlikely. Basically, you have been dissatisfied with everyone’s comments and suggestions and attempts to describe what’s going on. We try to analyze your difficulties based on decades of experience, and you just call us “completely wrong!”

Thanks a lot there dude! I certainly will never be trying again! I don’t like wasted effort and that’s what it is.

My own hyperpigmentation from electrolysis took, in some cases, 2-years to resolve. The PIH I now have from my surgery is edging on to 10-months or so. The “scar” I have from the skin graft is still a beautiful shade of dark purple and will stay like this for at least 2-years. NONE of these manifestations are going to be permanent. In 2-years my scar will be just about impossible to find. I know this … you don’t!

For everyone here trying to find answers …

PLEASE talk to your electrologist FIRST!

He or she was involved, knows what’s happening and can offer solutions to your difficulties. Those of us trying to help you on Hairtell are at a distinct disadvantage not being able to see your skin “in the flesh!”

To add to Michael’s post, you know that I have also told you that some PIH on my legs where we were treating some difficult hairs (extremely fine, ingrown in little coils) is still present almost a year on… it’s faded a lot but it’s still visible. I’m not bothered because (1) I know it will fade completely (2) The area is clear of hairs so that problem is solved.

If I were you, I’d be more concerned by the regrowth you are seeing than the skin manifestations.


The only reason I used the expression ‘completely wrong’ is because when I did post a new picture - which was much clearer than the previous one I had posted in the thread-in-question - you simply reiterated that I was asking the same questions over again.

I agree that your advice is based on pictures that have not captured the reality as clearly as the naked eye can.

I have spoken with my electrologist about previous post-treatment issues and they have more or less said ‘I don’t know’.

They have said that I am the exception to their experience treating patients with dark skin. That is why I comment on Hairtell. My electrologist doesn’t know why I’m reacting as I have been.

My electrologist is definitely working hard and aware of my side-effects. They are actively trying to help the matter. But in terms of knowledge, I think I am a strange case and my side-effects are something new to them.

I am a 20 year old female, North Indian, and have light brown skin. I was told I would be the perfect candidate for laser hair removal but it only made things worse. My electrologist knows the situation and told me I will see results in a year. I just don’t know how I can trust them after being lied to from the laser people. I don’t want to keep spending money and end up not getting results. I don’t have any hormonal issues, it’s just due to genetics that I have so much hair. I would just like a rough idea of how many hour treatments I will approximately need based off of others experience. I’m getting treated on cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck. Basically all the hair is coarse. Density had decreased. When should I notice a considerable amount of reduction?

The reason I ask because I figure after seeing many different cases of patients over the many years you’ve been treating people that you have some idea of how long it would take. I know everyone is different but there should be a pretty good idea that on average treating certain areas took X amount of time. If you think pictures would be helpful I can upload some. People like us who are in a bad situation just want to know that something will help them. I have lost a great sense of self confidence since these coarse hair showed up. It’s really depressing as a young lady to have to hide myself because of embarrassment. I just want honesty and true help.

Sara, electrologists can differ as well.

You will need to talk to some electrologists in real life and they will hopefully be able to give you an indication of how often you need to come in for appointments, as well as the length of these appointments. It also depends on your own personal circumstances - the amount of time you are willing to put in, as well as how much money you can afford to spend.

My numbers are in my signature below.

If all I had wanted gone were the dark, coarse hairs I would have been finished around 2 months ago. However, I’m also getting light and thin hairs treated, so I will be going for a while longer. Remember with a woman’s face hormones play a big part.

Try not to let your situation get you too down. When I was young I used to be so embarrassed by my arm hair that I would wear a jumper on a 40 degree celsius day, when I got older I used to wax my arms. Now I let it grow and it doesn’t bother me. My attitude about hair has changed. Don’t let your hair rule your life, or feel like you need to hide. Try not to let your hair get you down.

If you can go see a good electrologist regularly, you will no longer need to worry. It has been one year and one month since I last shaved my upper lip :slight_smile:


imo, i would start small

get test patches done from a few diff electrologists you’re interested in, presumably because the consultation went well and they made a good impression on you

I am Indian as well.

First and foremost…do your own research! These forums have a plethora of information and if you look around you will find photos of people who have been in the exact same situation as you, and have had excellent results with electrolysis. Browse through some of the journal threads, or use the search function.

Even with light brown skin you would not have been a “perfect candidate” - just read the Laser FAQ’s here.
I can understand it would be hard to trust more time/money into anything after your experience, but honestly you can only help yourself in this by being informed.

I agree. I wish I was smarter to research more about laser before going with it. I have done a lot of research on electrolysis and that’s why I began because I do believe it will give me permanent results, I just wonder how long it will take. Thank you all for your input.

Could you send me a link of where to find the pictures of successfully treated people?

Hi Sara,
You have gotten some excellent advice already on doing your research and shopping around trying different electrologists.
What I would like to add to that, just because you are the typical client I’ve been working on in the last 4 years, is once you find an electrologist that you are happy with, get clearances done rather than an hour a week. All my clients that went for clearances, were pretty much done in 9 months and would just get touch ups afterwards. All the clients that went with 1-2 hours a week strategy and missing weeks here and there and shaving now and then for occasions, 2 years later still don’t look as good as the other group. So your level of commitment is very important as well as the skill of your tech. And booking clearances just makes sure the job gets done.

Thanks Geri. How many hours in 9 months before they began coming for touch ups