Laser in belly hairline... too fast?

Hi All,

I’ve been a silent reader here for a while and I love how much information is shared.

I have a question about the duration of treatment - I have a feeling I’m not getting all I should be out of this.

I’ve been getting laser done on my stomach, top to bottom hairline. It takes her about two minutes to do it and I’m done, I’m not exaggerating, it’s really short. Should it really be that quick? are they supposed to zap the area more than once? it seems strange to me.

I went 6 times but it all seems to be growing back with no change :frowning:

The treatment is fast because all they need to do is zap the areas where there is hair and this area doesn’t take up a lot of space.

What you need to look into is whether the hair is coarse enough for laser to affect it in the first place. For most women, the hair on this area is mostly too fine to be affected and electrolysis is needed instead.

You also don’t mention your skin type, laser name, settings used, etc. All this makes a huge difference. Even if your hair is coarse and dense as it should be for laser, they need to be using a good laser with the right settings to affect it. Many clinics undertreat.

Thank you LA Girl.

The hair is somewhat fine, it’s not too course, but it’s dark on pretty white skin. I think she uses Yag and I don’t know which setting.

I keep reading different things about that, some places say that it does treat fine hair if it’s dark - is that wrong?

Also I thought maybe she’s supposed to zap every area twice or three times? it’s strange that it’s only once.

Yes, that’s wrong, as you experienced yourself. Laser only works on coarse dense growth, no matter what. Everything else is sales speak.

It has nothing to do with zapping a certain number of times. Laser works by applying heat to the dark pigment in the hair. If the hair doesn’t have enough dark pigment then it doesn’t absorb enough heat to disable it for good. Fine hair doesn’t have enough pigment for this to happen.

I actually want to put my two cents in on this issue. I have read here time and time again that laser only works on coarse hair and I believed it. Now I’m not so sure. I bought a series of laser treatments on my legs, underarms and bikini. I wanted to do my lower back and “happy trail” from below the belly button to my pubic area but I was worried that the hair isn’t coarse or dense enough. My laser place threw those areas in for free. My laser tech says laser can work on finer dark hair and in factg she lasered her arms and although I never saw her hair to begin with they are smooth and appear hair free now.

Anyway, my back isn’t taking too well to the laser treatments although it is making a slight difference. The hair there is fine, long, dense and dark. However, the area under my belly button has responded surprisingly well. The hair there became slightly coarse from waxing, not too dense, but very dark. It has made a huge difference in the hair and in fact, now the hair surrounding that area looks problematic in comparison! I think it’s a crap shoot so if you are willing to gamble on whether it will work or not and you are prepared to lose your money on treatments that may not work, go for it. Just make sure the settings are as high as you can safely tolerate.

Oh, and the treatment there takes probably a minute or less (even when she double passes) as it is a really small area. That is normal.