LASER: How often?

Hi all.

I started laser on my beard almost a year ago and I am seeing positive results, especially on the cheek and sideburn area. The hair is most concentrated in my upper lip and chin and these are areas where I predominantly wish to get rid of the hair.

However, before embarking on this hair eliminating journey I spoke to one of my trans friends (male to female) and she suggested I seek a LightSheer Diode laser technician and that I space the sessions out every 11 weeks. I followed her advice and did notice that I was pretty hairless for 10-11 weeks after getting my laser, after this time I would see hair regrowth, every time less. My laser technician advised me on getting my beard lasered every 4 weeks and she stressed the importance of this. What do you guys think? I believe this is too short as I am aware of the hair cycles.

Here is a tables showing rates of growth for different areas of the body. I understand this is particularly aimed at electrolysis though. (Source:

Please, could someone let me know if 11 weeks is okay or should I be aiming at shorter spaces between my sessions as I have now been left confused due to contrary, different opinions.

Thanks a ton.

I don’t know much about the Lightsheer Diode laser OR if type of laser even makes a difference. With that being said, I think 4 weeks is way too close. Did the tech give specific reasons to come in that frequently?